I often get called out to homes to complete very small projects that most people can do on their own. Whether it’s fixing a leaky faucet or installing an ice maker, find out how you can save both money and time with a list of 5 plumbing tools under $100 dollars. It’s not always cheap to bring a plumber out to perform even the smallest task.

Although I consider my prices fair, reasonable, and on the inexpensive side, it may be worth investing in a few tools to get the plumbing job done yourself.

Do keep in mind that if you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, it’s best you call an experienced plumber that can help you right away. Avoid disasters and contact a plumber ASAP. If you’re looking for an experienced plumber in Colorado Springs, reach out to me (again, I’m Monty, the owner of Monty’s Home Repair Service!)

There are five basic tools that every homeowner should have in their toolbox which can be used for almost any plumbing job. These essential tools are the most useful when trying to complete small jobs around the house without hiring a professional plumber.

I’ve created a list of 5 plumbing tools under $100 dollars that every homeowner should own for under $100 dollars to help you save money on your next project around the house:

5 Plumbing Tools Under $100 Dollars – The Essentials:

Crescent Wrench

Channel Locks (a.k.a. Channellock Pliers, Water Pump Pliers)

Pipe Wrench

Unclogging equipment (plungers, hand augers, snakes)

Hacksaw & Teflon Tape

These 5 plumbing tools under $100 dollars can be the difference between spending $40 on the tool vs $100+ for a plumbing visit & fix.

The 5 Plumbing Tools Under $100 Dollars Breakdown

Crescent Wrench

The Crescent wrench is the most common tool used by plumbers. It can be used to tighten, loosen or adjust almost anything. The best crescent wrenches are long lasting and will never bend or break under stress.

Some of the crescent wrenches available on Amazon come with lifetime warranties so you don’t have to worry about buying another one for several years! The crescent wrench displayed above on Amazon is perfect for most jobs and is less than $35!

Channel Locks (a.k.a. Channellock Pliers)

Channel locks are water pump pliers that are very useful when working in tight spaces where a pipe wrench cannot fit into. Channel locks excel at gripping hard-to-hold nuts which makes them perfect for applying torque to stubborn fasteners that do budge easily. Depending on the job, these can be used as a wrench or a pair of pliers. You can get a set of 3 Channellock pliers here for under $40.

Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench is useful for tight spaces where other tools will not fit. These strong wrenches can grip and lock onto flat surfaces which allows you to apply torque with ease, even if the fastener does not budge right away.

Pipe wrenches are designed to grip onto round surfaces and should never be applied to flat surfaces since they may slip and cause damage! They also excel at covering large surface areas quickly without taking too much time adjusting each joint one by one like some adjustable wrenches require. This heavy-duty pipe wrench is under $15.

Unclogging equipment (plungers, hand augers, and plumbing snakes)

There are many different types of unclogging equipment, but they all serve the same purpose. A plunger is one of the most common and useful tools. We recommend just a simple hideaway toilet plunger with a caddy for under $30. If a plunger doesn’t do the trick, hand augers are great for sinks and drains since they can easily snake into smaller holes that water or gas cannot flow through.

These pieces of equipment require small rods to be inserted down a drain which allows you to physically unbend clogs one by one until the obstruction is completely removed. Snaking pipes is not always an easy process, especially when there could be multiple clogs located further away from the opening! If this is the case, I recommend using either a plumbing snake or a sewer jetter. If this is out of your comfort zone, you can always count on Monty to fix your plumbing issues!

Hacksaw & Teflon Tape

A hacksaw is perfect for cutting well-fitted joints that are sealed with pipe thread sealant tape. When working with plastics, it is difficult to use a sawzall without damaging the material itself. A hacksaw is perfect for cutting through tough materials like PVC or metal, but should never be used on plastic or rubber since this will damage the tool’s blade.

Teflon tape can be applied onto threads before attempting to join two pipes together which makes for a better seal over time! Always remember to wrap the tape clockwise around each threaded connection when possible.

These 5 Plumbing Tools Under $100 Dollars Are Just The Basics

We hope these 5 plumbing tools under $100 dollars have helped you in your next project. Please feel free to comment below if you have any additional questions about these 5 essential tools! You can always reach out to me here at Monty’s Home Repair.

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