Certified By CSU’s Backflow Prevention Program

Backflow Prevention in Colorado Springs

In order to ensure that our drinking water is safe, Colorado Springs Utilities has a regulation that requires all commercial and multi-family properties have functioning backflow prevention assemblies.

Certified Backflow Prevention in Colorado Springs

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What is backflow & backflow prevention?

Backflow is basically when the flow of water to a property flows back to the water distribution system instead of moving forward.

In order to prevent backflow from contaminating our drinking water, commercial and multi-family properties are required to have backflow prevention assemblies installed on their premises.

These backflow prevention assemblies are designed to stop contaminated water from entering the public water supply by redirecting any backward flow back into the facility where it originated.



Simply put, backflow can be dangerous for a lot of reasons.

Sometimes dirty water from places like factories or construction sites can flow back into the regular water supply causing contamination, which can make people really sick if they drink it.

That’s why backflow prevention assemblies are so important – they make sure that the dirty water doesn’t get back into the clean water supply.

Backflow Services

Monty’s Backflow Prevention Service

Monty is Certified by CSU’s Backflow Prevention Program and has the experience to help you keep your property in compliance with backflow regulations.

He will test and inspect your backflow prevention device to make sure it is functioning properly, as well as make any necessary repairs. Contact Monty’s Home Repair today for all of your backflow needs!

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